Dance the Night Away (on a full belly!)

This Thursday

February 28 join the entire community to celebrate!

We’ve  been learning international folk dance with dancer extraordinaire – Bruce Botelho. The children will be performing so please join us for this fun event.


Our Potluck dinner begins at 5:30 pm in the Yaakoosge Commons

At 6:15ish we’ll move into the Marie Drake Gym for performances

Last names A-M please consider bringing a main dish and

Last Names N-Z please consider bringing a side dish

We have been practicing eastern European dances for over a month so perhaps Greek, Turkish, eastern European food items may tickle your food preparation fancy!

Be creative – be easy – be there!

Remember we Go Green – bring your own plates and utensils if possible.


Supporting Our Children in a Time of Crisis

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.‘    To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”      Fred Rogers

You may have seen this note from the wise Fred  Rogers floating around the web this weekend – and for good reason. Mr. Rogers offers us sage and practical advice for interacting with our children around times of crisis.

As the news from Newtown, CT unfolded Friday, the adults in our school were, of course, shocked and really had little opportunity to retrieve any information suitable to talk with the children about. Your children were not exposed to this information at school.

This weekend  more gruesome details are emerging and a lot of media attention. Children are extremely aware of what is happening in the world. Some have not been impacted at all by the news or not have heard about it. Many will have been.

Some children will understandably be upset but may not express it in ways that obviously are connected to their behaviors.  Some children may not know anything but hear things from friends or acquaintances or even overhear adult conversation. Children may be confused or worried about coming to school on Monday. Even those protected from this vile act and have not heard anything, are sure to hear things from others at school on Monday.

   Here are some suggestions that may help your family.

It is prudent to use discretion in exposing our children to television, radio, and internet.

 Help your child feel secure – be calm and reassuring and present.

Give your children extra physical affection while “nourishing” yourself as well.

Focus on the the positive actions surrounding the event – the people who are helping and how your child can help too.

Drawing is a powerful force in the lives of children – not only can they express that which they cannot articulate, it can provide comfort.

Keep to routines. Normalcy is consoling.

Hang out together – decorate, bake cookies, play hockey, go skiing….

Expect older children in particular have heard or know more than you think they have. Ask them what they know. This will give you the opportunity to clear up misinformation and to…just listen.

Keep in touch with us at school to let us know your concerns so that we can address them.

Finally, for more information, read through the link provided with Fred Rogers’ recommendations.

Be well.

Older Elementary Big Fat Performance in December, Gallery Walk, Coffee House and More!


Play is scheduled December 13 – not in May!

A couple years ago we adjust the school calendar so that we do not have 3 large performances in May with all else we do in that busy month. AMP is keeping the May date for their play, while elementary alternates younger el and older el between December and May.
Last year younger el. performed in December, so this year is older el. turn for the December play.  We are working in coordination with our Artist-in-the-School residency (we have a playwright and actress/director working with us!) . We are using nearly every day between now and then to prepare. The children are writing the play with support from our artists, Cory, and Chris.
The older el. play is  already on the Montessori Borealis school calendar  – listed  for the December 13 as “Evening Event”. More details will follow after Thanksgiving.

Gallery Walk Changes in Store & AMP CoffeeHOUSE December 20

December is always a busy month for families and schools too! Because there is a large performance (older el. play) the week before our scheduled  Gallery Walk, and Gallery Walk coincides with the AMP Coffeehouse this year, we are taking a less intensive approach.

The Coffeehouse will be as planned. The Gallery Walk will be a quieter but still lovely affair. Please drop by the evening of Dec. 20 (time to follow), to view art in the hallways, be an audience for the AMP students, and view older elementary movies of their scores and compositions. There will be  NO potluck this year.

AMP Micro-economy

The AMP students will be collecting Rosehips during Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Micro-economy classes. Students should wear jackets. Some students will be working in the kitchen making jams. We will be making a variety of jams in preparation for the November Public Market. All proceeds will support our spring Odyssey. We are accepting donations of 1/4 pint and 1/2 pint jars and lids. No pint size please. Also accepting rhubarb and rosehips. Thank you for your help.

Mid-September Update

Can you believe we are a month into the school year already? My but time flies, flitters, floats, and travels at a feverish pitch when we are having fun! We’ve given Great Lessons, taken school pictures, gone on an Odyssey, cooked, made art, learned new math, written stories and research, picked up some new grammar and science ideas, and are quickly moving toward ever brighter moments.


4th Grade Swimming

All 4th graders in the district are taking swim lessons for the next two weeks.  If you haven’t seen the letter sent home last week then please ask your child to dig deep in those backpacks. We suggest you make backpack-emptying a daily event – notes, old sammiches, wet socks, and so many more treasures can be found – and are best discovered earlier rather than later!

Yum! Good stuff for sale to support your school!

Giftwrap Sales

We are currently undertaking largest fundraising event of the year with Innisbrook goods. Orders can be made with any child in person or online (see the envelope for those details). Artist-in-the School for all of us, music and Spanish for the adolescent program, and so much more is supported through these efforts. Please support our fundraising efforts in whatever ways best work for your family.

Happy berry fingers!

Berries – picking, collecting

Adolescents are collecting (and willing to pick) whatever berries, rosehips, currents, and others that you may still have in your yards, gardens, and  freezers. They are busy making product for the public market.  If you can help – send them in or call us and we’ll pick them up! We’re a bit desperate  – so if you can pitch in, we’d appreciate it.

Don’t make us shake our teacher fingers at you!
Please join Cory, Chris, and Kathie for a great evening (and yes, we know this is a picture of Dayna).

Parent Evening – September 20, 5:30 pm

We really want ALL of you to make this important evening. Please come! Kathie is setting aside time to meet with parents of children who have I.E.P.s to discuss and share assistive technology – some of which may be used at home and others at school.

Chris and Cory are going to work with you regarding older el. homework. It’ll be fun and informative! We’ll even have a few treats to share. We’d love to see you, especially if your child is new to upper el., if your child is a 6th grader in upper el, and what the heck – 5th grade parents too – it’ll be great! You’ll all be in good and supportive company. Join us, please.

Final Friday Play-off   September 21 – 2:30

Join all the older and younger elementary classes for their monthly musical collaboration and sharing. We’ll be in the Commons at 2:30 a week from Friday – hope to see you there!

Don’t forget Recorder Club meets Thursdays from 3-3:30 and Orchestra Club Thursdays and Friday 3-4 pm. Children in RALLY as well as walkers and bus riders may participate. Hey – that’s everybody!

Parent Teacher Conferences – September 27, 28

There is no school for children these days. We will be sending out conference appointments next week. Please keep a sharp lookout for these. We work hard to schedule siblings back-to-back and to make certain that other adults who work with some children are also able to attend. It is a bit of a scheduling challenge – BUT  – if you have a time request, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. We’ll do what we can to accommodate your request.

Conferences are scheduled for these two days during teacher work hours.


Happy Birthday Dr. Montessori – and here’s a gift to all her friends!

What makes a Montessori school so, well, so Montessori? While we celebrate the person who was born his day, 142 years ago – a Montessori School is certainly much more than a personality. 

A Montessori school is life in progress – maybe even better – life in process

Children who attend Montessori Schools are respected for their humanity – their curiosity, their loving natures, and their wildly organic, deeply imbedded tendencies. The learn and work because that’s what humans do – and in so doing, they find a way to contribute to the betterment of all in ways both small and large. A Montessori school creates an environment where a child’s human gravitational inclinations grow.

It’s like that tiny bean seed placed in a smidgeon of soil with a bit of warmth and water  –

first the roots go down and then the plant goes up!

We human beings are soaked to our bones in wanting-to-know-everything-ness and a Montessori school supports that in spades. 

Every humans needs opportunity…

to  perfect,

to repeat,

to imagine,

to abstract

to work with their hands

to explore

to orient themselves to the world around them and the cosmos outside of them,

to make order,

to communicate with one another and with those from the past and those yet to come,

to adapt to their physical, psychic, spiritual territories,

to belong to their human group and to become what their potential is.


We are so fortunate indeed that schools can be more than one thing and that here, in our little town we have this special thing. Happy birthday to Dr. Montessori, for sure – but we are the ones blessed with the gift.



Here We Go!

In a couple of days we will all be back together again for a new and exciting year. We are so looking forward to seeing all of you. So…here we go with the latest information.

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In this post you will find – Class Lists,  Shuttle Bus Schedule, Parent Meeting information, Picture Day, Wisdom Day. Scroll down to the previous post to find our welcome-to-school letter, school supplies needed, and other pertinent information.

Drum roll please!

• First Day of school – Monday August 20 8:30 am Meet on the turf field for Wisdom Day! The entire school meets there before entering the building.

• Wisdom Day, First Day – August 20 8:30 am    Bring family, friends, and flowers and join us for this warm welcome – a 20 year tradition – to our Montessori Borealis Community. This is a special and short celebration of the first day  of school observed in many countries  and right here in Juneau Alaska. All families and friends of our children are encouraged to attend. It is traditional to bring flowers (from the roadside, from a garden, from a store…).

• Parent Information Meeting August 22 5:30 pm                              Join us upstairs in our Commons for this parent-only event is a time for you to meet with your child’s teacher(s) and learn more about how we do things, why we do things, and what things are going to be done! This meeting is vital for your understanding of “Montessori” and our community. What you learn will really help your child flourish and your time with us in this community be positive and constructive.

• Picture Day August 24

• Shuttle Bus Information       Children who live in the HBV attendance area may ride their normal bus to school. Children arriving on school buses should await the start of school on the turf field in front of Marie Drake. Teachers will greet the children at 8:30 am at the front doors of the school.

Please send a note the first day of school with your child’s bus number and a contact phone number in case we need to reach you. Event he oldest children forget important details by the end of their first long day back to school after a summer away.

The Shuttle Bus Schedule for this year can be found at

All children arriving prior to 8:10 am should be enrolled in RALLY. School ends promptly at 3 pm – all non-bus riding children should be picked up no later than 3:15 –                                                                 There is no supervision for non-bus riders.

• 2012-2013 Class Lists

Annabel Rondeau – Lower El. 1st/2nd/3rd Years

Emmalouise Gentili

McKenna McNutt

Hallie Mertl

Ona Rose

Alicia Stasyzen

Cody Kesselring

Willem Neyhart

Cahal Burnham


Summer Johnson

Keshan Conneen

Aliyah Smith

Reece Dusenberry

Leif Torgerson

Kade Winchell

Isis McQueen

Sophia Nylen

Genevieve Pikul

Etta Na Hui Weiler

Mary Jane King

Kiera Findley Wood

Aiden Sfraga

Brandan West

Samuel Kearns


Mary Jane Tenney – Lower El. 1st/2nd/3rd Years

Clara Don

Estrella Espinoza Sky

Abby Grummett,

Layla Perrin

Elin Antaya

Paolo Bohulano

Aubrey Hekkers

Samson Anderson

Jossline Jackson

Madilyn Rose

Nettle Fraley

Karter Kolhase

Kyle Dusenberry

James Houck

Javante Picard

Gabrielle Anderson

Erin MacDonald

Emily Delgado

Amelia Nauska

Miya Winchell

Rachel Findley Wood

Malachi Pieman

Konor Munroe


Cory Crossett – Upper El. 4th/5th/6th Years

Delgado, Murphy

Doiron, Max

Gentili, Quinn

Lynch, Ronan

Krauss, Theodore

Hintermeister, Taylor

Howard, Cameron

Neyhart, Leah

Stasyszen, Noah

Kai Crocker

Luis Medina-Mojico

Randy Nagle

Thomas Rose

Joel Smith

Noelle Duvernay

Audrey Nauska

Natalie Zimmerman

Naara Conlon

Ayah Fraley

Sage Walker

Tezah Haddock

Caleb Peimann

Alphonso Puma

Marion McQueen

Wesley Stasyszen


Chris Trostel – Upper El. 4th/5th/6th Years

McNutt, Dugan

Corcoran, Connor

Hart, Cian

Lear, Ian

Haddock, Kaleah

Isturis, Keely

Wayne, Laura

Micah Grigg

Colm Conneen

Zeriah Rogers

Gabe Storie

Kayla Kolhase

Sophia Perry

Melody Reierson

Kaia Stevens

Sophia Caputo

Kate DeBuse

Rachel Erben

Alexis Griffin

Forrest Davis

Lars Gifford

Michael Grummett

Elias West


Deb Chalmers, Dayna Weiler – Adolescents (7th/8th years)

Winslow Conneen

Elliot Gifford

Oscar Griffin

Bryan Miramontes

Chris Nylen

Gavin Oxman

Justin Smith

Shelby Girmscheid

Toni Marie Gonzales

Trinitey Letterman

Willa Madden-Wood

Zoe Novoa

Rhianna Panamaroff

Adriann Rusch

Gillian Smith


Mackenzie Biddinger

Shereen Buster

Li MingConneen


Emme MacDonald

Kendrea Makaily

Alyssa Nauska

Katy Price

Erin Seagren

McLain Sidmore

Natalia Smith

Laurel Stevenson

Isaiah Cross

Paul Dillard

Tucker Kearns

Cahal Morehouse

Harold Pilcher

Rogelio Shapland-Murray

Zeb Storie

Matthew Vogel

Keagan Walker

Quade Weiler

Salix Woodgate