Happy Birthday Dr. Montessori – and here’s a gift to all her friends!

What makes a Montessori school so, well, so Montessori? While we celebrate the person who was born his day, 142 years ago – a Montessori School is certainly much more than a personality. 

A Montessori school is life in progress – maybe even better – life in process

Children who attend Montessori Schools are respected for their humanity – their curiosity, their loving natures, and their wildly organic, deeply imbedded tendencies. The learn and work because that’s what humans do – and in so doing, they find a way to contribute to the betterment of all in ways both small and large. A Montessori school creates an environment where a child’s human gravitational inclinations grow.

It’s like that tiny bean seed placed in a smidgeon of soil with a bit of warmth and water  –

first the roots go down and then the plant goes up!

We human beings are soaked to our bones in wanting-to-know-everything-ness and a Montessori school supports that in spades. 

Every humans needs opportunity…

to  perfect,

to repeat,

to imagine,

to abstract

to work with their hands

to explore

to orient themselves to the world around them and the cosmos outside of them,

to make order,

to communicate with one another and with those from the past and those yet to come,

to adapt to their physical, psychic, spiritual territories,

to belong to their human group and to become what their potential is.


We are so fortunate indeed that schools can be more than one thing and that here, in our little town we have this special thing. Happy birthday to Dr. Montessori, for sure – but we are the ones blessed with the gift.




One response to “Happy Birthday Dr. Montessori – and here’s a gift to all her friends!

  1. Beautifully stated!

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