Mid-September Update

Can you believe we are a month into the school year already? My but time flies, flitters, floats, and travels at a feverish pitch when we are having fun! We’ve given Great Lessons, taken school pictures, gone on an Odyssey, cooked, made art, learned new math, written stories and research, picked up some new grammar and science ideas, and are quickly moving toward ever brighter moments.


4th Grade Swimming

All 4th graders in the district are taking swim lessons for the next two weeks.  If you haven’t seen the letter sent home last week then please ask your child to dig deep in those backpacks. We suggest you make backpack-emptying a daily event – notes, old sammiches, wet socks, and so many more treasures can be found – and are best discovered earlier rather than later!

Yum! Good stuff for sale to support your school!

Giftwrap Sales

We are currently undertaking largest fundraising event of the year with Innisbrook goods. Orders can be made with any child in person or online (see the envelope for those details). Artist-in-the School for all of us, music and Spanish for the adolescent program, and so much more is supported through these efforts. Please support our fundraising efforts in whatever ways best work for your family.

Happy berry fingers!

Berries – picking, collecting

Adolescents are collecting (and willing to pick) whatever berries, rosehips, currents, and others that you may still have in your yards, gardens, and  freezers. They are busy making product for the public market.  If you can help – send them in or call us and we’ll pick them up! We’re a bit desperate  – so if you can pitch in, we’d appreciate it.

Don’t make us shake our teacher fingers at you!
Please join Cory, Chris, and Kathie for a great evening (and yes, we know this is a picture of Dayna).

Parent Evening – September 20, 5:30 pm

We really want ALL of you to make this important evening. Please come! Kathie is setting aside time to meet with parents of children who have I.E.P.s to discuss and share assistive technology – some of which may be used at home and others at school.

Chris and Cory are going to work with you regarding older el. homework. It’ll be fun and informative! We’ll even have a few treats to share. We’d love to see you, especially if your child is new to upper el., if your child is a 6th grader in upper el, and what the heck – 5th grade parents too – it’ll be great! You’ll all be in good and supportive company. Join us, please.

Final Friday Play-off   September 21 – 2:30

Join all the older and younger elementary classes for their monthly musical collaboration and sharing. We’ll be in the Commons at 2:30 a week from Friday – hope to see you there!

Don’t forget Recorder Club meets Thursdays from 3-3:30 and Orchestra Club Thursdays and Friday 3-4 pm. Children in RALLY as well as walkers and bus riders may participate. Hey – that’s everybody!

Parent Teacher Conferences – September 27, 28

There is no school for children these days. We will be sending out conference appointments next week. Please keep a sharp lookout for these. We work hard to schedule siblings back-to-back and to make certain that other adults who work with some children are also able to attend. It is a bit of a scheduling challenge – BUT  – if you have a time request, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. We’ll do what we can to accommodate your request.

Conferences are scheduled for these two days during teacher work hours.



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