Older Elementary Big Fat Performance in December, Gallery Walk, Coffee House and More!


Play is scheduled December 13 – not in May!

A couple years ago we adjust the school calendar so that we do not have 3 large performances in May with all else we do in that busy month. AMP is keeping the May date for their play, while elementary alternates younger el and older el between December and May.
Last year younger el. performed in December, so this year is older el. turn for the December play.  We are working in coordination with our Artist-in-the-School residency (we have a playwright and actress/director working with us!) . We are using nearly every day between now and then to prepare. The children are writing the play with support from our artists, Cory, and Chris.
The older el. play is  already on the Montessori Borealis school calendar  – listed  for the December 13 as “Evening Event”. More details will follow after Thanksgiving.

Gallery Walk Changes in Store & AMP CoffeeHOUSE December 20

December is always a busy month for families and schools too! Because there is a large performance (older el. play) the week before our scheduled  Gallery Walk, and Gallery Walk coincides with the AMP Coffeehouse this year, we are taking a less intensive approach.

The Coffeehouse will be as planned. The Gallery Walk will be a quieter but still lovely affair. Please drop by the evening of Dec. 20 (time to follow), to view art in the hallways, be an audience for the AMP students, and view older elementary movies of their scores and compositions. There will be  NO potluck this year.

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