Montessori Borealis is an Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.) elementary and adolescent public school program in Juneau, Alaska. We have about 140 children enrolled in 1st-8th grade.

There are two lower elementary rooms for 6-9 year olds (1st/2nd/3rd grades) and two upper elementary rooms for 9-12 year olds (4th/5th/6th grades). Our adolescent program is for 12-15 year olds (7th/8th grade).

We are a diverse community that well represents the rich cultural heritage and the many distinct individuals who live in Juneau.

As early as 1908 discussion about Montessori education was happening in Juneau – or rather Douglas (across the bridge from us) – and at the time one of the largest towns in the territory of Alaska. In 1908 the Douglas Women’s Club noted that it would have a luncheon discussion on “Madame Montessori’s theories and schools” (thanks to Anne Fuller for this state archive tidbit). It appears that Montessori education in Juneau began in earnest in the 1920s with the Sisters of St. Anne. At some point it faded until a there was a resurgence driven by parent interest in the 1980s. The elementary program began in 1992, the adolescent program in 2003. Juneau Montessori School is a private AMI preschool in town  with an Assistance to Infancy program for toddlers and a Casa dei Bambini or Children’s House for 3 year olds through kindergarten.

For more information see the umbrella website sponsored by Southeast Alaska Friends of Montessori (SEAFOM): http://www.juneaumontessori.org

If you aren’t yet a member of SEAFOM, you really ought to join! For $5 a year you can lend your voice to this vital organization that advocates and supports your child’s Montessori experience.


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  1. Yes Montessori rocks!!! 😀 😛

  2. Totally Adrienne I Agree with you!!!!!! 😀

  3. Haha yeah! It is actually amazing! Its really exciting and active! Unlike other middle school….. 🙂

  4. Ahhh! I miss Montessori! Hope everyone is having a good year 😀 Good job you 7th, 8th graders for winning Battle of the Books! Woo Hoo! 😀

  5. I like how we all have smiley faces 😀

  6. Haha yeah!!! Go Montessori!!! 🙂

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